These applications are compiled, linted and deployed using Travis CI, Codecov, cppcheck and GitHub.

Have A Nice Day Trader

A platform for back-testing trading strategies against historic crypto currencies prices and measuring and reporting their performance. After back-testing it runs the most successful strategies against recent data to offer recommendations. It was written to give me exposure to financial programming, develop my C++14 (and Python) in a non-trivial application and also explore design methodologies and concepts. The project is compiled and run in Travis-CI and the results are deployed to GH Pages.

Discrete Fourier Transforms

A C++ implementation of a DFT without using a third-party library. It was written to analyse the frequency response of my instruments and to provide an insight into the algorithm.


A pure bash script that parses a hosts file and generates an SVG. Runs as a nightly cron job.


Exploring the price differential between crypto currency exchanges.

Software Obsolescence

Measuring software obsolescence by analysing the age of the toolchain.

Continuous Integration

Travis CI configurations for various languages.